Ready to get unstuck and have your questions answered?

I am Luci McMonagle and I am a natural born Mystic - a psychic Medium, Mentor, Trained Energy Worker and Healer.

I Can Answer Your Questions Through Mediumship,
Explain to you your Soul Purpose,
Balance your Chakras,
And Offer You Gifts from Spirit to help you on your journey.

I have 10 spirit gift markings that give me the powerful ability to help you through deep emotional transitions and getting you unstuck while she accesses deep inner wisdom and dimensions of consciousness.
I am a Clairvoyance and Gifted Healer and is a Master Practitioner of Psychosomatic.
Some of the services she offers you include a 7 Chakra Attunement & Alignment with Spirit messages, Psychic Mediumship Questions Answered, Soul Matrix Healing and Spiritual Advisement on Manifestations and Magic.

Click on the time that works for you. Follow to the next page and fill in your information and make your investment to get onto my calendar.

Your Investment is $65 for 30 minutes. You can schedule up to 2 hours. All sessions are over the phone unless you are outside of the USA or Canada, then we will use Skype or Zoom to talk.